Maury Strong - Executive Producer

Maury Strong has been a freelance producer since 1987. She has produced commercials throughout the US, Europe, Australia, NZ and South East Asia. She worked as Executive Producer for Animal Logic in Sydney from 1996-2003, when she moved to Los Angeles to open the LA satellite of Animal Logic in Venice Beach. In 2011 she decided it was time to come home. She moved back to the Garden District of New Orleans with her husband Ron and her cat Miso and set up shop as Strong Films Nola. Within a year she joined forces with New Orleans director Ken Morrison and opened Richard Street Studios where Strong Films is now housed. Maury offers her 25+ years of producing expertise and her deep love of New Orleans culture to provide the perfect mix of work and fun that makes shooting in New Orleans the perfect production experience. 



Tracy Keller - Head of Production

Tracy has been a freelance coordinator and supervisor in New Orleans since 1993. She has worked in studio feature films, indies and commercials. Tracy first supervised for Maury in back in 1999. They even survived a feature film together in 2000. In 2011 she came onboard with Maury to be Head of Production for Strong Films and studio manager for Richard Street Studios. Tracy manages production as well as the post accounting and pre-audit preparation.